Hey, I’m Gavin. I’m a software engineer, currently writing better tools for the federal government. I’m also an iOS developer (See below if you want to get nerdy). I also make music, ride a Onewheel, and try my best not to freak out.

✉️ gavin@st-ours.net

💬 @gavin@xoxo.zone

💻 Nerd Deets

Lately, I’ve been working on web apps built in React or Vue, usually in TypeScript. I’ve been learning Go over the past year by building APIs for our web apps. I’m also working on an iOS side project that’s helping me get up to speed on SwiftUI. Writing iOS apps in Swift is hands-down my favorite type of work, so it feels great to get back into it.

You can find me on Github.

Gavin St. Ours @charmcitygavin